The Scriptures are the supreme authority for our faith and practice; the final, sufficient, and infallible revelation of God's will for His church.


We belong to one branch of the universal church and we gladly acknowledge as brothers and sisters in Christ all who share with us in the essentials of the faith once for all delivered to the saints as expressed in the classical and evangelical creeds of the churches of the Reformation. 


We are a Protestant congregation, committed to the doctrine that a disobedient people can find justification before God only by the finished work of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, received by faith alone.


The Scripture proclaims the sovereignty of God's grace in salvation, a message beautifully expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith, a systematic and biblically rich statement of the Bible's simple message, "God saves sinners."


We believe that Jesus Christ, the head of his church, has appointed a government, which, when followed, contributes to her well-being. Visible church unity can be seen in a system of assemblies composed of elders, ascending from the local church Session, through the Presbytery, to the General Assembly. Church government is carried out through the ministry of elders who are called by God and recognized by the people. In this way the rule of Christ is administered and liberty of conscience is upheld. The Book of Church Order of the Presbyterian Church in America lays out the principles of church government, discipline, and worship we follow.